"In all my years as a movie geek, it’s rare to come across a role that lingers really deep and long after the film reels have stopped rolling. Newcomer Jessie Wiseman’s portrayal of a sweet but sullen new girl in the life of unsuspecting Evan Glodell’s Woodrow in the five-star film "Bellflower" is one such role and it’s nothing short of arresting. Playing a woman with two very different, yet equally passionate sides, Wiseman turns in a performance that is so raw, so real and so revealing that it almost feels like we’re watching a reality show. (But don’t be fooled – the greats make it look easy!) "Bellflower" as a film may be a filet mignon of flicks, but Wiseman’s work is the flavor that gives it finesse. (aka watch this woman!)"
Jason Coleman
Starpulse Contributing Writer
(Five Actresses 'To Watch For' August 10th, 2011)


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